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Zygomatic implants

The zygomatic implant facilitates a short-term solution even in cases where atrophy of the upper maxillary bone is significant because bone tissue of the zygomatic process is utilized, up to the cortical of the cheekbone.

Figure A1. Surgical template positioned to determine the direction of insertion for two zygomatic implants and four alveolar implants.
Figure A2. Schematic representation of the site and insertion path of a zygomatic implant in an atrophied maxillary alveolar ridge, adjacent to a pneumatized maxillary sinus.

In our dental office, flapless zygomatic implants are placed on site, with local anesthesia, just as in the case of common alveolar implants. Up until the year 2015, our standard procedure for particularly complex alveolar implants and zygomatic implants involved the use of SurgiGuide:
• a preliminary CAT study
• construction of a basal plate or diagnostic prosthesis with 10% barium sulfate
• planning with appropriate software and transfer to a surgical template.

The cylinders in the surgical template, with their orientation and caliber, guide the dental surgeon who places the implant as planned.
More recently, after having practiced dynamically guided surgery for several years using the RoboDent system (German made, Example 2 figure 1) to insert alveolar implants, we began using the same method for zygomatic implants. Our patients benefitted significantly from this procedure which is much less invasive than open flap techniques.

We present one case (Example1) of an implant placed in the upper dental arch using the traditional SurgiGuide method and a second case (Example2) where a complete dental arch is reconstructed using the innovative RoboDent method. The second case involves 5 alveolar implants and 2 zygomatic implants, allowing us to create a dental arch complete with molars.

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