Impianto zigomatico: cos'è?


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This web page is intended for those colleagues (dentists, doctors and odontologists) who, despite their proven competence in the field of implantology, have experienced difficulty rehabilitating the upper dental arch with a fixed prosthesis. For cases where bone material is scarce or pneumatization of the maxillary sinus is excessive, we present a technique to create a valid dental pillar in the distal sector.
To our patients who claim “someone I know had everything done in a few days …”, we respond that not all scenarios are the same. Not always can the work be done immediately. At times preparatory intervention is required prior to implantology. This may take the form of distraction osteogenesis, bone transplant, or sinus lift surgery. Each of these procedures have their inherent costs and extend the period of rehabilitation, while success is not guaranteed. Proposal of such procedures have often dampened the enthusiasm of our patients.

For these cases, we propose an alternative solution: the zygomatic dental implant.


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